Tuesday, June 27, 2017 becomes a certified partner of Free N1000 recharge cards for every customer

Hello Traders:

We’re happy to inform you that has become a certified partner of

For most people, needs to introduction.

You can learn anything you want to know about Perfect Money here:  

In order to celebrate this with our customers, we’re giving a free N1000 recharge card to every customer who sells a minimum of 1000 USD worth of Perfect Money to us, between June 27, and July 3, 2017.

When you sell PM to us, you would get funded as quickly as you can imagine and you would also get a free recharge card, provided you sell a minimum of 1000 USD to us.

Qualification is automatic. You are free to choose a network of your choice and then get the free recharge card, in addition to your full cash payment. 

NB: This offer expires on July 3, 2017.

Thank you!

Please see ITUGLOBAL among the list of certified partners for Perfect Money here: 

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To see rates for Perfect Money, Payeer and Epay, please visit:

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