Sunday, June 11, 2017

Withdraw NETELLER @N360. Offer available to everybody

 Hello Traders:

It’s time to reward our verified customers!

Thank you for thinking that verification on is no big deal… Just as you thought that verification on Neteller,com website was no big deal. It was merely a necessity to use Neteller without limitations.

We need to let you know that verified customers would enjoy occasional rewards – often unexpected. Now is a time for such rewards.

As you probably know, the Neteller rates we display on our websites are for account holders only. Registered customers see other Neteller rates when they login on

In order to show our appreciation to verified customers and reward them, all of them can sell Neteller at N360/$ from now till the deadline mentioned above.

At a time when some exchangers are buying Neteller at N305/$, N310/$, N325/$ and N330/$, you can sell to us at N360/$. This would enable you to make more money from your Neteller sales.

You can even get Neteller supply at lower rates from people that haven’t been verified by us, say at N340/$, and then sell to us at the N360/$ and make profits from that.

As you know, we’re very popular when it comes to Instant Transfers of cash.

The first person to sell Neteller to us after this email announcement goes out, would get N380/$.

Anyone who sells at least, 1000 USD worth of Neteller to us, would also get N1000 free recharge cards for the network of their choice.

NB: To register and get verified, please visit:

If you’ve registered, but not verified, you need to reply to the last email we sent to you.

Many thanks!

**** Only verified customers can sell Neteller to us. But that’s not necessary to buy from us.
**** The minimum you can sell to us is 20 USD per transaction.
**** Occasional surprise rewards and promos would be offered to verified customers.
**** In future, we’ll announce good news to customers who use Access Bank.

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