Friday, June 23, 2017

NETELLER: Physical verification now available @our office

Hello Traders:

Welcome to – a website that processes Neteller funding and withdrawal for serious traders.

You don’t need to do verification to sell Prefect Money or Epay or Payeer to us. Verification is required only for Neteller sellers.

To get verified:
Please upload your passport photo.

Then upload your international passport OR driver’s license OR national ID card OR voter’s card.

The documents would be in Jpeg or PDF formats – standard and with good resolution.

Then we’ll send you an email message, to which you must reply to prove your ownership of the email address.

Physical verification
Alternatively, you can come to our office for physical verification, where you will bring any federal government-issued ID card and you will be required to login into the email address you use for your Neteller account to proof that its ownership (you login on your personal device).

NB: You may do well to notify use before you come to our office for physical verification.

To see our e-currencies rates, please visit:

Thank you!

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