Friday, June 30, 2017

The most important thing in exchange business

Big exchangers cannot be approached
Several years ago, I had a problem withdrawing Webmoney. After some online searches, I came across one exchanger in Ajah. I went to their office the following day to make some enquiry.

I saw the manager when he was entering, and I approached him, only to be waved off. I was referred to one member of junior staff. The junior staff were kind and they attended to me very well.

Mangers/directors of popular exchangers are too big to approach? The manager is not around. The manager is not available (when it is a lie). The manager’s phone number is not available.

Yet, their exchange business survives on those who cannot reach them or approach them.

Exchangers get paid instantly, but they themselves pay slowly
At last, when I sent Webmoney to the exchanger, I was expected to get paid quickly. But to my dismay, I was told that I would not get any money until the following day.


Whenever a customer wants to buy an e-currency, she/he pays instantly, doing instant cash deposit or paying by instant cash transfer online. But when an exchanger wants to pay a customer, they would usually be delayed till the following day (or delayed for a few days).

Why can’t exchangers pay customers instantly when they themselves get instant payments from purchasers of e-currencies?

They may claim they have thousands of customers. However, if there are thousands of customers, then, payouts should be automated.

A good business should not reduce quality of their service because of a growing number of customers. Rather, they should be able to look for ways to cope with them, just as successful big business have done.

The most important thing in exchange business
Forget about an award-winning website design. Forget about a big name. Forget about great English vocabulary. Forget about adverts campaigns.

In the end, what matters most is that customers get paid instantly.

No-one will ever be disappointed by getting his money quickly. Whether a customer needs his money urgently or not. Let them get their money instantly.  That is the most important thing.

When an instant cash transfer fails, causing delays or there is a serious network problem, that is another issue.

If we cannot pay you instantly, we would not buy e-currency from you. If we do not have e-currency to sell, we would tell you. It is unethical to collect your money, and then delay you for days to pay you. It is unethical to obtain your e-currency and then begin to look for money to pay you.

What about unappreciative customers?
Certain customers take our Instant Transfer policy for granted. When they place orders with us, they continue to press for instant processing, which we do. But when they go to another exchangers, they are forced to be delayed against their will.

You may not appreciate the good deeds of your spouse (focusing on their weakness), until you try another partner who is much worse than your previous spouse.

When I did not appreciate an exchanger who paid me faster, and I had to go somewhere else because of a higher price from selling, I learned a bitter lesson because I was delayed for 4 days before I got my money.

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